Exploring Unexplored “Food & Food Culture of Uttarakhand”. A Start!


Daina hoya kholi ka ganesha he………….
Daina hoya mori ka naaraina he……………..

When I got an idea and thus the opportunity to create a blog where I can write and share my thoughts, I got excited with the realization that what an awesome task it would be, and what could be a better start than writing about my roots my Uttarakhand. Being a Uttarakhandi by birth, a chef by profession and an enthusiast-learning and serving various cuisines of world I always had a pain deep in my heart that contribution of Uttarakhand to the tourism of country had been immense and great but still the food and food culture of this beautiful state had remained unexplored and confined to villages high in the mountains, families unwilling to let their culture go, and enthusiast like my parents who did not forget to pass on the heritage to their children. As compared to the other cuisines and food cultures of country which had become the country cuisine of India the food of Uttarakhand had received ignorance from its own people. The cuisine of Uttarakhand had been treated very unfairly and my biggest critique is to the thousands of cooks and chefs from this beautiful state who are in profession of food but never made a sincere effort to promote their rich cultural heritage. My critique is to writers, bloggers who never paid much attention to it, my critique is to farmers who are not willing to grow the rare and distinguished ingredients and much of which are already lost because of ignorance and my critique is to all those people of Uttarakhand who are aware of this, are in position to make changes but choose to ignore it.

Through this blog I want to make a sincere effort, a start to bring the food, food culture, rare ingredients found in the hills of Uttarakhand in front so that they can receive the due attention, so that our fields can again be green with Jhangora and Koda, so that our Malta and Chakotra may not die, so that world may know what is Jakhya and Bhangjeer, so that one day we can enjoy Timla and Bedu sitting far away from our homes, so that Heesar and Kinmoda just do not remain hidden in the bushes, so that aroma of Mwarya, Jamboo, Fharan and Gandhrayan can reach kitchens of five-star hotels, so that people may know Bhang though is intoxicating but seeds are a delicacy, so that bhadu dal can make its way with Dal makhani, so that Kandali can shout I am poisonous but you can eat me if you are skilled, so that Singhori can stand with barfi and Balmithai can make global presence, so that Arse and Rootane will not just be seen going with the newly wed bride, so that everyone can chew Bukhna and savour mouth-watering Kafal, so that my parents effort to keep garhwal and garhwali alive in me do not go waste, so that my sweet memories of summer vacations in hills of Uttarakhand can become sweet memories of coming generations, so that we all with a fire in belly to do something to uplift this dying heritage can contribute our way “the way of food” to make it big, so that Chulas keep on firing red-hot in Raswadu.

I appeal to all food lovers to share my message as much as possible so that this message can reach to people who can contribute to this cause by means of their recipes, their experiences, their enthusiasm. Lets make this place a platform to give rebirth to food and food culture of Uttarakhand.

.Image1984    to be continued…..